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also you know the government could you know pay people to stay home instead of paying trillions to turning syrian hospitals and yemni weddings into marinara and subsidizing police departments tanks so they can flash bang a black family at 4am because the dad sold an 1/8th of weed thus throwing him into the for profit prisons.

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@roxie maybe there's a JS library that'll make it ISO 8601-compliant. Dunno what to do about the US and Canada themselves tho 😉

word request: "taking pleasure in someone's unfortunate mis-spelling of schadenfreude"

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There's so much misinformation flying around about the GRA today. I've seen multiple trans people terrified that theres a new law being implemented to stop you from identifying as your gender without medical permission.

Everything is staying the same, except the process to change your birth certificate is going to get cheaper. Thats it.

And that sadly is a win for us with our current government and the UK as a whole. They were definitely angling for worse, making it harder for trans kids. But also we have lost a lot of ground due to the GRA debate - and 4 years of our lives when our trans health system has been quickly turning to dust.

16% of the UK believes that the process for changing your birth certificate should be demedicalised . 63% are opposed. Same statistic for people who think the 2 year of living as your gender should be shortened (16% for, 61% opposed).

We lost this battle when the Tory's won the last election, and we've been losing the public opinion battle the whole time. The only thing the public agrees on is they wanted the GRA to be improved somehow (just not in any meaningful way).. and so thats why after 4 years of venom, countless attacks in the news, 100,000 people responding, they're gonna make it a bit cheaper.

hey this amazing in Glasgow is looking for , y'all got any albums / zines / walls that need covering?

pls send boo(s)t

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On the state of the US in 2020, - 

Ever since 2016, I’ve had very little faith in the American people, nor the systems that are supposedly meant to guard the country from complete democratic breakdown.

2020 has shown my scepticism to be right, and largely erased what little faith I’ve had left. Between Trump continuing to get away with crimes as he admits them, the complete inability of the legislative branch to “check and balance” his power, and his appointees tearing things apart, I think the system is already dismantled.

The protests, the police response, the mobilization of the National Guard, etc. have proven to me how things will fall if shit goes down. They’ve proven their loyalty, and it’s not to the constitution or the American people. It’s to their own bloodthirst.

I sincerely think that putting another neoliberal up to bat this election is a mistake. I’ll vote for him as part of an attempt to stop this madness, but I have little faith in things going the right way. Even if Trump is voted out, things can still go south in November.

That is, if we have an election.

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RT @SurlyNotAWalrus
This is Deb Alderson. She’s the CEO of GTL, a telecommunication company that gouges incarcerated people to speak to loved ones & spies on their conversations with lawyers. Not to mention all the bribery. She destroys lives and people barely know who she is. That should change

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establishing communism is worth it just to get rid of advertisement

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Why Wikipedia Decided to Stop Calling Fox a ‘Reliable’ Source | The move offered a new model for moderation. Maybe other platforms will take note. 

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Hey, if you know of a software dev position open remotely or the North England then pls check for my cv cause I need a job thanks.

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saluting the anti-advertising politics embedded in US english spelling rules – "-ize" for everything, except "advertise", just to highlight how disgusting and British the concept is 🙃

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Face Depixelizer

Given a low-resolution input image, model generates high-resolution images that are perceptually realistic and downscale correctly.


P.S. Colab is based on the

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makin' pancakes 🥞😂

fixin' ruby on rails 🛤😭
(3.2 → 4.0 😱)

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