Ah I forgot about pinafore.social

A much better UI for this place

Not sure I’ll commit to sticking around here, but it’s gotta be better than muskworld

I love SVG but sometimes it makes sense to use bitmaps. I exported an SVG and it was >200kb. The same as a 2X png: 32kb.

Bit of a long handle tho. @hankchizljaw@toots.hankchizljaw.io

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Just started the process of moving over to @mastohost. Looking forward to being on toots.hankchizljaw.io 🚀

I think working with CMSs is actually on of my least favourite things to do in web. So slow and so frustrating.

I'm much happier in Jekyll or Eleventy land.

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Vanilla is now more expensive per ounce than silver (bbc.com/news/business-44006176). So when you hear "Vanilla JavaScript" think "something increasingly rare which should be treasured"!

You should read this because Mandy is smart as heck and semantic HTML is one of the most important things you should learn: medium.com/@mandy.michael/unde

@heydon Hey! I've been trying to find a link to the generative art stuff you did recently and can't find it. Can you link me up?

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Hey Mastodon. I know I have like, 4 actual followers on here or something, but maybe somebody will see me on the timeline.

I could really use some philanthropy right about now. I'm 2 years and 60 job interviews down with a traumatic brain injury... I'm trying to create a source of income for my family by expanding my Twitch channel.

Please consider kicking in, or passing it on if you would. Thanks for looking. ❤️


Standup: reworking hankchizljaw.io with @zachleat's excellent 11ty.io static site generator 🚀

I forgot about this place too!

I think I might mix adding content directly in here and pushing the notes content up like @adactio does on Twitter etc. I like that idea a lot.

Once transferring a profile is easier, I'd like to host my own Mastodon instance too.

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I'm going to start rebuilding my website tonight. It's a hot mess at the moment and isn't very easy to modify content.

I'm coming up with a bit of a "strategy" for my own content that looks a bit like this:

- Long form posts under '/wrote' and '/writing'
- Aggregated links to writing like the current site
- Short notes and links
- Possibly images

All of this stuff will have their own RSS feeds too.

I think I might write up on this some more.

When I use my trackpad a lot in the day, I really feel the burn in my wrist. I think I might look at getting a trackball again. Anyone using one or does anyone know of a good one?

Balls, I forgot the description.

Three fields in a CMS back-end that create a 'person' field. The example text reads: "Information about a person.
E.G. Celeste Bonilla, CEO of Large Corporation"

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Making a testimonial section? I like to create a `person` field for the info about the person that said the quote. You might as well make it an opportunity for some inclusivity with the example too.


Always make sure your _filter_ is in. I need coffee this morning 🙃

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