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Andy Bell

I’m hiding food from my toddler. How’s your day going?

I'm giving this cool looking static site generator by @zachleat a go for a project I'm starting. Looks awesome:

I get to use my favourite templating engine, Nunjucks too 🎉

What’s the feeling called when you convince yourself that the Yorkshire Puddings won’t rise, but then they do?

Hey pals,

I wrote a post about accessibility for CSS-Tricks.

Hopefully it’ll help you make your sites awesome!

You should check it out:

Ayup Pals,

Does anyone like any blogs that each post is art directed in it’s own style?

Thinking of doing something like that and it’d be great to see some inspiration.

Hey Vim pals,

How can I get Vim to use my terminal colours for syntax highlighting, rather than a theme?

Thanks xoxo

Does anyone else check their gas hobs 17,843 times before they go to bed?

Sat writing a new post with a cat on my lap, and the new(ish) Incubus album on.


I’ve just seen Jeremy Hunt referred to as “The human rhyming slang”.

I will be keeping that one.

Ah, so this literally posts everything including replies.

Aaaaand it's gone.

One piece of software I just can't live without now is Better Touch Tool. Seriously good little tool:

My main trick is mapping the "±" key to "esc" so I can still use vim with the TouchBar MBP...

So you can push your Mastodon stuff to Twitter. I'll probably post primarily on Mastodon in that case:

My profile FYI:

First day at the gym today. Current status:

It would appear that my cat hides her catnip toy from her sister, which I personally find hilarious.

Awkward is bumping into the driving examiner that failed you in your driving test 3 times…