I am thinking of learning #ocaml, would anyone be willing to share his recommendations on where to start from?

Thank you :flan_smile:

@cynicalsecurity OCaml from the very beginning and More OCaml (by the same author) are two great books, albeit there’s no free version online last time I checked.

Real World OCaml is also a nice book that is available online for free, with a refresh coming soon (that is available online too on the dev version website). Only thing I don’t enjoy much is the usage of Core as the go to standard library for the book, which hardly matters because most changes are small, except for async stuff.

@cynicalsecurity at the last MirageOS hack retreat there were also conversations about making publicly available some instance to use the learning web environment used in the OCaml MOOC, which looked pretty nice, but I don’t remember much. @Armael @hannesm ?


@engil @cynicalsecurity @Armael I'd recommend cs.cornell.edu/courses/cs3110/ -- learn OCaml: I'm happy to run a public instance when I can run it as a unikernel (Louis had something working in Marrakesh, but his changes are not online afaict).

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