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This beautiful dog came and sat beside me at the beach today.

Alright you goblins, I’ll have the same @, I’ll be on or or but this is the end of my social
good day and fuck white peoples

White people who get upset at "fuck white people" are exactly who should be told that.


Gotta love that posts partim feels like shit but I’m still kickin azz

Big time reminder for all of us: The pursuit of perfection is the pursuit of death✨🖤🌙

“It was the spider who first invented the wheel,” my mother would say, at the end of the story, “not us, not man.”
-Sylvia Linsteadt “Tatterdemalion”

bring me seven more followers so that i may hit the weed number and chortle tepidly

try to guess what Danielle Steele's desk looks like 

I couldn't have got it in a million years. apparently she sits at this thing all day and chain smokes and writes romances novels. Incredible

Logging on beep boop beep boop John McCain is still dead beep boop beep boop beep boop

Did you have to
Did you have to
Did you have to
Pull my finger🎤

@SarahKite that thing is so neoliberal, it’s about to become sentient and give a TED talk.

THE cruelest bench in all of Portland resides at N. Willamette & Alma

note: the SLANT to the seat as well as the bars

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