Having fun making promo for Signal. All the people nagging me to install WhatsApp for months, now get the you-get-Signal answer back. Some do! Signal - WhatsApp 4-0 today.

Today my partner convinced a bunch of people at work to install Signal. Because people really want to share stuff with her, they install almost immediately. Signal +2 today and more to follow...


Ha, today Signal +5. It is amazing that people are very willing to try a different msg app. Arguments like privacy and security and 'getting away from FB and Google' really seem to start working.
But argument nr 1 is simply stating that we are Signal people and all you need to do to connect with us is installing a simple app. If people do want to connect, they install. If they don't want to, no problem we will continue using SMS and email.
Popularity of apps is overrated.

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