A user experience with FLOSS video conferencing:

"I've tried Jitsi Meet and found it to be smooth."

"Onboarding: Jitsi: Click a URL. No accounts. Hangouts: Google account. Need to individually invite other Google accounts.

Video Quality: Jitsi: Decent, slightly better than hangouts. Hangouts: Passable but grainy."

"Conclusion: Friends preferred Hangouts.

It's quite disheartening..."


@MatejLach Also a user experience with jitsi (that promotes the use of Google Chrome, by the way): today I ignored an upcoming hangout invitation by sending first a jitsi link. Meeting took place entirely in jitsi without any discussion.
Did the same in my team: they were planning to set up a Whatsapp group, I was faster to send them a jitsi link. Now we are having all our meetings with jitsi.
Next: planning to get my family off Skype...

@hansup The need for Chrome is a massive downside for me personally, hopefully they'll fix that soon, but I also think everyone on Hangouts already uses Chrome anyway...

@MatejLach @hansup Jitsi works well with ungoogled-chromium. I've been using them together for the past year for calls several times a week.

@lambdatronic @MatejLach Indeed, I use firefox. With safari setting permission for the camera does not seem to work. With Edge you get immediately a whole screen saying you need Chrome. With all non-chrome browsers you need to click away these yellow error panes trying to get you on Chrome.

@hansup @lambdatronic @MatejLach

Insistence on chrome from Jitsi? That's really dissapointing. I guess the Jitsi apps might be OK? #NoToChrome

@jamesmullarkey @lambdatronic @MatejLach Saw jitsi on an iPad. Works well, but the interface is less intuitive than the straight forward web interface.
And yes, annoying to see that kind of explicit promo for Chrome.

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