I painstakingly recreated a Mario Paint button in CSS. All the "minimal" css frameworks out there use flat design, which is against everything I stand for, so I had to do something about it.

@zens These buttons are great! Only one thing: I need to switch on JS to enjoy. At least on my phone. Will try it later on laptop.

@hansup that’d be because mobile phones don’t use the “active” state of buttons for some reason, so i use javascript to force it.

@hansup and by “force” it, i just mean “preventDefault” , mobile browsers are weird about buttons.

@hansup similarly for the focus state, just doesn’t display


@zens Oh, I see. It’s a pity that our touch devices aren’t capable of handling buttons without help of JS.
Anyways, thanks for reminding and bringing back 3D design, especially for buttons.

@hansup maybe there’s a way, i just haven’t found it. i’ll look at what 98.css does. it seems to have active state and i don’t think it uses js, so maybe i just missed a step.

@hansup ah, 98.css has an empty “ontouchstart” on the body element.

i’ve changed yip.pe/remote.html to have no javascript except for that. you can see how you go.

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