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People have been talking about the influenza vaccination and I said that it was only recommended for the elderly and people in close contact with them, and babies. I decided to look into the actual situation here in Switzerland. Thus, if you read German, French or Italian, here are some links.
Summary: bag.admin.ch/bag/de/home/krank
National strategy: bag.admin.ch/bag/de/home/das-b
Other vaccinations for adults: bag.admin.ch/bag/de/home/gesun

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Interesting thoughts about #Docker from retro.social/@freakazoid/10296…

Docker is an attack on computing freedom

The purpose of Docker is not, in fact, to make things easier for us as systems administrators. It's to make it easier for the folks writing and packaging software to force you to treat the software as a black box instead of making their software easier to build, configure, and use.

I don't care if you find Docker more convenient as an open source user or developer. The price of freedom is eternal vigilance, and you're being lazy

The world is on fire, the world is in war and RMS stole the emacs code?

I think I will sell everything and move to mars (oh wait, I hardly own anything but my integraty )

@pixelfed @dansup ,

Thanks, I see the likes on my overview again. Thank you very much

They are very busy today

+213 696421387
+213 696743756
+213 670569575

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XR in London
I made a quick video of the Extinction Rebellion occupation in London yesterday. Not the bits where they glued themselves to various objects, just the peaceful occupation. I hope you enjoy it.


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Chrome to limit adblocking. That violates the castle doctrine of browsers. Chrome is not a browser. It's an adtech delivery tool.


#adblock #adtech #browsers #chrome #google

@pixelfed , @dansup

Pixelfed still seems to work fine. Looks great.

One question. Would it be possible to show the likes to the owner of the photo's? I do not care if others are not able but now I need to look at every individual one to see if there are likes.

I use those likes to see if experimental pictures I take are viewed / liked by others.

@dansup @pixelfed

Might be a more general question for Activitypub I assume but I am wondering what you all think.

@dansup @pixelfed

I do like how this all evolves. Never seen real problems with pixelfed.I do wonder how blocked users are handled. Will they stay blocked for ever or are there any checks to see if domains and users are still alive?

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Coming weekend, there's indiewebcamp.nl/

Unfortunately, due to last weekends' #SOTM2019 I'm kindof overwhelmed in work now, and had to cancel my IWC ticket. Bummer!

Pfff, vBulletin, another security issue.

I once reported about their hijacking session problems and they got all angry stating it isn't true.

Some person where directed to the POC since they asked me about it and did see how easy it was.

Might be that people simply do not see why some things are bad.

Wow, this is going to be a thing. I am happy with the federated but I already see followers that might have been kicked out (pawoo.net). Would be nice if activity pub or whatever tool is used would handle that too.

Hmm, is Tusky leaking data like phonenumbers? I am not sure but getting calls from Algeria on my Dutch mobile number is weird. Blocked now

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Sorry to name you directly but I am hoping to get some mastodon help. I have a list of domains I import to filter them away. I also have a muted user list.

Importing the first one goes without a problem but importing the muted list does not seem to work. No errors visible. I have a single column in my csv with only the users listed there.

Any idea what might be my problem?

Just a thought. Been using Mastodon for a week now and I somehow have the feeling I miss something.

Whenever I like a post I can go to the favorites menu. Imho it would be nice to see what other public posts people like. This will give a better understanding of who one might be following.


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