SVG support in GIMP

Dear @GIMPI am not sure if this is the most appropriate space but I have a question.
#SVGsupport in #GIMPwould be a really nice feature in terms of vector clipping mask and vector shapes on Canvas rather than with Gfig. I was wondering if hasn't been included for technical reason, or because considered useless, or something else...
Just curiosity...

@daniel01 @GIMP and the older manual shows vectors can be imported as paths.

@hansw @GIMP You can currently import paths and you can create custom svg gradients.

From a photo manipulation perspective a vector layer would be very useful for clipping layers or several layers under the same vector path; along the fact that a vector layer can (or could) modified in any moment and it should also weight lesser in the memory.

It can be also useful for creating graphical elements on top of pictures or raster layers as well.

With SVG support you may also take advantage of SVG fonts & gliphs properties.

It seems natural having SVG layers support on GIMP but maybe there are technical issues or it is simply underestimated, I can't tell you...
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