@lordalveric Not up2date yet. There is someone in the Netherlands with it.

@freemo It is a sad story. The Polish who are educated enough tend to be more friendly but the church and politicians are fighting everything they can't understand

I should stop thinking in three languages, it is improving the two foreign ones but it kills my native one. I sometimes need 5 minutes to think of the Dutch word

Wait, did I mis Doggerday? 🙂

This is Jill, did I mention Jesse too? No, but it is a bit like Debian 🙂

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Updating Windows 10 inside VirtualBox. Even installing Gentoo was faster than that 🙄

Utterly abysmal performance.

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Did you know #Google is collecting data from every page on the open web that relies on Google Fonts?

Here you are some public stats: fonts.google.com/analytics
(the best data, for sure, they will keep for them).


@jpmens True, but there is no different solution. Using GPG/PGP for xmmp still leaks metadata. Using Signal, Telegram or other services do not provide end2end encryption, they provide service to service encryption.

Would love to hear about a service where there is real end2end encryption.

@theprivacyfoundation The biggest problem is that it is too hard to point. Sure, the obvious commercials will be seen when searching for shoes, holiday travels, etc... The biggest problem imho is the fact people search for sencetive info to find out more about sick relatives, debts, etc...

This is being sold.

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@dansup @pixelfed

I see more and more ad people post on pixelfed.social. I do not mind people who earn a buck but I simply would love to mute people who post with a commercial purpose. When can we simply block accounts?

@fribbledom I thought of a different word that starts with huppel. No, I will not write it in here :-)

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Advertising Is a Cancer on Society

...Real world advertising is not about informing, it's about convincing. Over time, it became increasingly manipulative and dishonest. It also became more effective. In the process, it grew to consume a significant amount of resources of every company on the planet. It infected every communication medium in existence, both digital and analog. ...

-- @temporal


#advertising #AdvertisingIsCancer

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sshl: an SSL/SSH multiplexer (e.g. share SSH and HTTPS on the same port) rutschle.net/tech/sslh/README. source code github.com/yrutschle/sslh (/via @sid3windr)

@ayo I once asked a group of hackers to test a site that needed refreshing values. The laughed out loud (I would too) and then started their attempts. After an hour of fun they gave up, they never found out why but I coded the same on serverside :-) The Js was to warn the user their time was up without refreshing a page until the time was up :-)

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Police departments across the US can access Amazon Ring video feeds without a warrant. Here’s what that means for your : protonvpn.com/blog/amazon-ring

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