Witnessing some weird attitudes in the last 24 hours. Anyone having participated in the scam known as BCASH should never be "welcomed" back. That includes ringleaders, cheerleaders and devs.

@samouraidev This! Problem is most of the community are rather new, making it the old guard’s duty to inform and remind of the bad actors of the past. I feel people like Gavin have been let off the hook way too easy

@hodlonaut Disturbingly, some of the old guard seems to be open to some kind of amnesty. Sorry, no deal. All kinds of lines in the sand have been crossed. No quarter.

@samouraidev @hodlonaut Any project that allows pseudonymous contributions can't keep out particular contributors, and so my personal policy is that I'd welcome solid contributions from anyone no matter how awful I think they are.

But people who burned their past reputations should expect their opinions to hold a disadvantaged position in perpetuity compared to people who maintained their integrity throughout. And if they complain about that, they should be ignored.

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@samouraidev @harding @hodlonaut this, exactly.

The focus should always be on the contribution, not the contributor. Like the message, not the messanger.
However, to avoid wasting time a little judgement based on reputation is expected

@harding @samouraidev @hodlonaut I agree with David. I'm not here to police the community or punish people for whatever reason.
Acceptance is purely based on quality of the contributions.
That said, most BCH contributors aren't that great, there's even a few that went to other projects (with lower standards) because bitcoin core wasn't accepting their changes.

@orionwl @harding @samouraidev @hodlonaut The fact of the matter is anyone can go anonymous at any given time. If the contribution makes sense there isn't much you can do about it.

@MrHodl @orionwl @harding @hodlonaut If we know who they are there is no way we would ever take them on here. Question of trust. When it comes to fundamentally dishonest scammers, it cannot be only about the contributions. If they go dark, well -- at least they are forced to shed their skin.

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