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@aral Hi Aral thanks for the follow! Big fan of your work, from your talk at Doku:Tech to Ethical Design, etc.

It has become a bit unwieldy over time, but I've been maintaining this list of libre/open marketing tools you might appreciate:


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Spent a good 5 hours trying to get Mastodon up and running on a dedicated (clean) server. Tried the standalone approach. Tried the docker approach. Tried on Debian. Tried on Ubuntu 16.04.

Ah, well. Giving up for the day. Might need to enlist some assistance in figuring out where I might have gone wrong (or of I'm justing hitting a known issue).

Would be cool to have a self-hosted instance for me and my community... if I can figure out how. :)

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New tutorial - Simple Exposure Mapping in GIMP


Blending multiple exposures into a single image (and the masks required to do it).

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Liberapay is now officially a multi-currency platform! We have implemented support for US dollars in addition to the euro. Blog post: medium.com/liberapay-blog/libe

Another thought on the @apertus is that they are using high end components. This is professional-grade gear.

Comparing to computers (even though it basically is one on its own), the comparison is not hobbyist single-board computers.

The better comparison here is some insane Pogo Linux Server or as System76 powerhouse laptop or workstation.

Posted earlier about the @apertus AXIOM Beta, I'll be sharing more about it here than on birdsite because we are all nerds here and you'll appreciate it more anyway šŸ˜ƒ

First, it is a respectably complex product. Serious kudos. It is great to see both Wiki and LaTeX documentation, useful for someone new to Arch and cinematography like me.

The @apertus project is as impressive as it is ambitious šŸŽ„

Learning a lot from their approach and excited about the potential of the Axiom camera and platform overall

Learn more here: apertus.org/

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I am loving the Street Complete app. It is on f-droid. Helping the OSM project and having fun when walking/riding.

Had a fun conversation with Pete from Electronics, talking about and open business models, check it out:


Re: Mastodon on Mobile

is nice but I switched over to (available in F-Droid) as my dedicated Mastodon app and it is easier to move between timelines, I recommend trying it out! šŸ˜

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Trying something dorky this week. This Friday: a video of me reading Linux poetry.

Along with my poems... I think it'd be cool to read some from the community. Specifically short stuff. Limerick, Haiku, etc.

Reply here so I see 'em.

Will this be cool? Who knows! :)

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Does anyone have suggestions for a shelving unit / table that will fit the Lulzbot Taz 6? (Underneath and above, in the case of a table).

Hi ! New to Mastodon, forgot to do an .

I work as President of Aleph Objects, maker of desktop 3D printers šŸ™

Started as a marketer and love art, so I'll be sharing about that, Free Software, and GNU/Linux šŸ§

I also maintain a growing list of Free/Libre/Open Source marketing tools on my site:


Lots of great @hak5 videos lately discussing and more.

Hard to pick just one, so check out their channel and binge watch them all!


@BryanLunduke @harriskenny Hm or is it retoot? Anyhow, new around here! šŸ˜

Seeing some new Mastodon followers thanks to a @BryanLunduke retweet!

Hellooo new folks šŸ‘‹šŸ‘‹šŸ‘‹