i've been quiet on here for a little while, busy starting my new consulting business!

i'm offering contract and freelance sales and marketing services, with a special focus on institutional sales (biz, govt, edu)

i've worked with lots of great open source companies over the years (System76, SparkFun, LulzBot, Red Hat, OSHWA, FSF)

i'm busy with projects right now but love connecting and brainstorming ideas! learn more about my business here:


Exciting news! We are making rapid progress on support for Coreboot.

From @jackpot51 (Engineering Manager):

"SeaBIOS is working on both Kaby Lake and Whiskey Lake models. Tianocore is in development as an option.

Full support of all hardware... except the pesky camera toggle button. And thunderbolt works... if plugged in at boot.

So far, so good!"

After this weekend is over, I will be on four (4) fewer social media websites 👋

You can still find me here on Mastodon, plus birdsite and the resume one

Excited to start sharing some projects and interests on my personal site, which I updated today.

Feedback (especially re: accessibility) is welcome:


Is it possible that in the long run, will have a greater impact on the world than the Linux kernel itself?

... Just thinking about how many companies use Git

... Also spent the morning working on a project and just reminded how elegant Git is

I'm not sure if I've ever done this in my life...

1. 🌐 Download a web browser
2. 🔍 Check every setting
3. ✔️ Change nothing, except...


First, guess which browser?


I only changed *one* thing by enabling the Better filter with this terminal command:

gsettings set org.gnome.Epiphany adblock-filters "['better.fyi/blockerList.txt']"

I love what this browser ships with out of the box

Thanks to @aral for Better and thanks to the @gnome team for Epiphany

`test` to see how Mastodon handles this formatting character

Pretty frustrating weekend wrangling snap and AppImage trying new programs 😠

I prefer repositories maintained by the distribution because I have near-zero issues running those programs...

Thank you @aral for introducing me to Beaker Browser and the dat:// protocol for P2P web browsing

Incredibly cool:


Met the Savoire-faire Linux team at CES and they introduced me to Jami (formerly Ring):


Anybody on here tried before?

submitted a pull request to a repo i don't have access to for the first time 🤞🤓

I've been maintaining a list of FOSS marketing tools you may find helpful:


Today's additions: New federated networking sites and voice-related technologies

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