I've been weaning off other social media networks and am using the Fediverse again...

it occurs to me that some of the pernicious elements of social media (e.g. self-consciousness, jealousy, escapism) aren't fixed by federated distribution alone...

I think federation, however, will allow for experimentation and hopefully optimizing for user well-being (instead of advertising spend)

@harriskenny true. they aren't fixed, but we can minimize things like narcissism (by making boost counts/follower counts sorta hidden) and bullying (by making search only really work by tags).

it's a start. welcome back!

@tootbrute Good points, there are UI/UX changes that instances can make that we (collectively) can learn from

It's definitely a start! Happy to be back 😄

Indeed. The Fediverse is wonderful and so much healthier than corporate social media. But social media as a format has downsides for the human psyche, as does the internet in general (endless opportunities for distraction).

I don't think it means we shouldn't use these things, but these nifty technologies come with the responsibility to use them in a way that's healthy for our individual minds.

It's tricky. I've been pondering that too lately.

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