Met the Savoire-faire Linux team at CES and they introduced me to Jami (formerly Ring):

Anybody on here tried before?

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@harriskenny i tried it when it was sflphone and ring but not since it's jami. maybe i can figure out to get it to work this time. :) i've about had it with freeswitch, so it would be nice to be able to move to something better.

@ITwrx Installation process pretty smooth, I installed on mobile (Android) and desktop (Linux) and was able to link the two

Haven't exchanged messages with anyone yet however 😅

@harriskenny On android it drains battery at a ridiculous rate, or did about a month or two ago when I still had it.

@jiminycricket @harriskenny That's a hard point due to the distributed nature of Jami.. You move a lot of things on the device. The DHT proxy is used to avoid that point. Maybe on some devices there is some optimization to do, but without any reproductible devices, we can't really help. (Firefox and Jami use the same percentage with my devices now).

Maybe something was wrong with my setup. I use firefox too. Ring was using almost 25% of my phones battery, and I was barely using it. Firefox uses less than 1%. This might have something to do with Google Cloud notifications not existing on my device but I didn't thing ring/Jami used gcm anyway (I guess it's now firebase cloud messaging (FCM) but same idea)

@jiminycricket On Fdroid I don't think the proxy is enabled by default, so indeed, the app will work as a node of the network and will always sync with the rest of the network and store data for other nodes. @harriskenny

@AmarOk @jiminycricket

So I was worried about this too when I downloaded it but haven't seen it heavily draining battery yet

I may have it idle in the background in the settings? also, I haven't messaged with anyone yet 🤣 so i'm not a good person to ask

Très intéressant !
Vivement le chat en groupe et j y pousse toute ma famille !:)

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