Thank you @aral for introducing me to Beaker Browser and the dat:// protocol for P2P web browsing

Incredibly cool:

@aral Oh I've been meaning to ask, do you know if anyone has ported Better to any browsers supported on Linux?

@aral @harriskenny How about using Beaker for http browsing as well instead of Gnome?

@demirhere @aral

Re: Beaker

I'm not a security expert but I'd be wary about heavily using a browser on HTTPS sites that's so early in development

Is this concern uninformed or unfair?

@harriskenny @demirhere It’s based on Chromium so you shouldn’t have to worry about its TLS implementation. The DAT protocol itself is also by some of the best minds in our field. Also, the folks working on Beaker and DAT are doing it for the right reasons. It’s not some VC or ICO-backed libertarian get rich quick scheme :)

@aral @demirhere

Oh this all makes sense, cool

lol'ed @ get rich quick scheme -- BUY NOW!

@aral Sorry I missed your blog post, I should have looked more for it

This is really great, thank you! I appreciate the different ways you've made Better available

(I'm a long-time uBlock user, plus a few other add-ons like Privacy Badger and NoScript)

I also switched to Pop!_OS, similarly attracted to what they did with it (and I now work for System76 full-time!)

@Harris Kenny @PoetGrant I tried it when it first came out, and peek in now and again, but it's still a bit over this neanderthal's low brow.
@harriskenny @aral  Father of World Wide Web Launches Radical Startup to Take Back the Internet from Google & Facebook

@js290 @aral @harriskenny
this is definitely fuckin' awesome when Tim says & does this. now, is it on *ANY* mainstream media outlets? probably not. have not had time to follow-the-money yet. hey on zerohedge even.

oh shit: Glasswing Ventures raises $112 million for AI-focused fund
Glasswing Ventures Takes Flight to Back AI Startups | Fortune

oh well, guess I'll climb back under my rock.

@aral @js290 @harriskenny

Money flow
sir tim’s new startup <— Inrupt <— Glasswing Ventures (VC ai hocus pocus) <—hidden investors

smells deeply of silicon valley

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