Pretty frustrating weekend wrangling snap and AppImage trying new programs 😠

I prefer repositories maintained by the distribution because I have near-zero issues running those programs...

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@harriskenny Completely agree. I haven’t had much fun with them either.

@harriskenny there may be a obvious reason why this idea is stupid, as i haven't had time to look into these solutions, and i don't have much experience with packaging software, but it seems to me there could be a layer above/upstream of all the distros package managers (that distros choose to adopt) so that app devs could ship to that. i would think all the app devs would need to define is the upstream dependencies of their app? then each distros' pkg manager would know what to do with any compliant source. distros' maintainers could automate the build process if they wanted and their package managers could still do what they wanted after/besides that. instead, the current solutions want to exist along side or in leu of repos/maintainers/package managers and i don't know if that's the right approach. also, i really don't like the idea of users going all over the web to install random binaries, like windows users. that's an obvious step backwards, imho. ecosystem wide atomic updates, sandboxing, etc. could be separate features/packages developed cooperatively that distros' package managers can choose to adopt. an ecosystem wide package distribution framework with optional modules, if you will. i don't see why it couldn't be made as flexible as distros needed it to be for the way each wanted to handle everything distro specific.

@ITwrx Yeah hm, I don't know enough about distro architecture to know what it should be like...

With all these different formats it does feel like a regression in the short-term, but I think in the long-term it'll work itself out...

Until then, we have PPAs, binaries, distro repos, snap, flatpak, appimage, and more 😅

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