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Harris Kenny @harriskenny

Re: Mastodon on Mobile

is nice but I switched over to (available in F-Droid) as my dedicated Mastodon app and it is easier to move between timelines, I recommend trying it out! 🐘

@harriskenny I mostly use and prefer #Tusky but I keep #Mastalab (also, of course, from #Fdroid) on my phone for when Tusky is acting up. In particular, I've had trouble uploading images with Tusky sometimes. Mastalab adds a lot of options but none that are important enough to me to switch from Tusky being my primary #Mastodon client on #LineageOS.

@ajdunevent Ah interesting, I haven't tried but will give it a look. Thanks!

I did retain for birdsite but am having issues receiving notifications ATM