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Harris Kenny @harriskenny

Another thought on the @apertus is that they are using high end components. This is professional-grade gear.

Comparing to computers (even though it basically is one on its own), the comparison is not hobbyist single-board computers.

The better comparison here is some insane Pogo Linux Server or as System76 powerhouse laptop or workstation.

@harriskenny @apertus
In other words, for the professional who likes to tinker?

@tazdij @harriskenny

You don't have to have programming knowledge to run AXIOM Beta... but it helps.

ETA for deployment of a user friendly GUI designed for WiFi connected devices Q2 2018. Still some lifting to do but that's what we're aiming for.

Early concept:

@apertus @tazdij Since it is still in development (I have a beta), I cannot speak to the final state of UI/UX when they do release it

I can say right now the hardware itself is top notch, and they are continuously improving the software

(This is, BTW, like every other pre-production OSHW product I've had the privilege of testing)

So, I'd say they are very much on track, and even ahead considering how much progress they've already made on documentation