no, I do not know Vanna White
though once we spoke on the phone
she was very nice and ordered
a case of biodegradable soap

I knew him well
but only as the man
who gave Edith Wharton
a second chance

tell all our friends at the rodeo
our favorite girl says hello

I see nothing
to make me think
any fricking thing
has fricking changed

it's so late and I'm so late
better leave it to the boys
who get paid to watch dueling
Virginia Woolf biographies

leave him the pipe
leave the remote
he'll be just fine
we won't be late

It's Mother's Day, which makes it a good time to remember there's a lot more to your mother than just being your mom.

Her mouth. I’ve seen it tremble. I’ve seen it retreat and advance. I’ve witnessed it smooth sheets and stir coffee.

The mouth is the garden gate, the keeper and teller of secrets.

When she kissed me I believed in haystacks and silver dollars, shark teeth on the beach, Black-eyed Susans.

If she kissed me again I would believe whatever she wants. But she is telling me a story, a new story, one that doesn’t include me.

The enemies of reason will always have the best slogans. - Joseph Heath, Enlightenment 2.0

Clouds, Trees, and Meadows Engaged in the Usual Debate Over Self- Respect

#WTF – Trump, Corpo-America and PornStars

Why AT&T’s $200,000 payment to Michael Cohen is a bombshell
– '...AT&T tries to justify the payments as a legitimate consulting expense, saying that the firm provided “insights.” But Essential Consultants is not a real company. It was set up on October 17, 2016. According to financial records, the company exists as a “real estate consulting company that collects fees for investment consulting work.”

But Cohen immediately used it to make the hush money payment to Stormy Daniels. The funding for that payment, Cohen had claimed, came from a mortgage on his house.

The shell company has no website, no known employees, and no public facing presence of any kind. It raises the question of how AT&T could have even possibly known about Essential Consultants...'

I tell the boy it is his duty to go. He disagrees, so I strike him hard enough to put him on the floor. Maura and I watch as he gathers himself up and prepares to go. He says he is leaving for the morgue, to see his mother.

Once he is out the door I turn to Maura. She holds the bourbon bottle.

I cannot do it, I say, I cannot do the son’s job.

She holds the bottle and her tongue. She pours out drinks. The bottle is half gone when I start to see how everything has changed for Maura.

We sit on a log and make a game of tossing pebbles into a hollow stump across the trail. Tom wins the first game. He wins the second and that’s enough for me. I pour my blueberries into his bucket and we walk out to the road.

You can ride my bike to our place in the morning, he says.

Not if I’m grounded, I say.

He goes up Mountain Road to home, swinging his bucket and never looking back. I start down, watching the treeline climb into the sun.

A Fleeting View of Everything in the Universe, Including a Robbery Gone Bad

This failure to “think the negative” is somewhat exacerbated in our culture by a tendency to view “genius” as the ability to see connections that others don’t. That’s actually a better working definition of “crazy” than of “genius.” Seeing connections is easy—the human mind is wired to see connections and patterns everywhere, even where they don’t exist. The trick lies not in seeing connections, but in throwing out the ones that are no good. - Joseph Heath, Enlightenment 2.0

Outside the firelight they wait. I’m not imagining them. Imagination is a comfort I don’t possess. I have pushed the boundaries of belonging too long for that.

Another stick on the fire. Another whistled tune. Another tin of sliced peaches.

I expect no cruelty, only speed. Still, however cold the steel is, it will burn. A sudden, astonishing burn.

I have traveled a great distance to find this country.

Lady in the Latest Fashion Advertising Soap, Soap, and More Soap

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