: with udp coming back into fashion, we will see more IP spoofing attacks.

Security is important to us, so we now require our employees to use a fifth auth factor, which is an interpretive dance of your choosing, to be changed every two months.

You call it "proof of work", I call it "wasteful by design".

I don't get women protesting against the right to choose with "I regret my abortion". So, because they were not able to make the right choice for themselves, nobody gets to choose? Living in an open society means responsibility for ones own actions. You cannot blame the government for the choice you made because the government let you.

If you are this weekend: the gps week counter will overflow. Good luck.

Was ist da los, @bodoramelow@twitter.com?
Soll die LINKE sich auf ewig mit SED und Stasi vergleichen lassen – oder greifen Sie da jetzt mal durch? "Selbst Schuld, @politicalbeauty@twitter.com" können Sie doch wohl nicht in Ihrem Kabinett dulden! tagesspiegel.de/politik/streit

I bought chocolate before my commute home and thought I will eat a piece at the next red traffic light. Green wave all the way home.

Sure, a few workarounds are needed to build on top of the legacy backend, but it is very stable.

I am working on a white bread recipe with long cold . The first iteration was by accident caused by multi day power outage. Today I finished the planned 2nd iteration. It turned out well with a crunchy crust and soft but firm crumb. However, the form is not so nice. I’ll try to fix that in the 3rd iteration.

Do you apologize to your dogs when you have shoo them off the bed so you can wash the linen? Well, I just did.

Formal German letters: printed on A4, portrait mode, date on top, usually on the right hand side.
Formal US letters: usually printed on letter, but any other format is fine, too, date somewhere or not at all, portrait mode usually, but sometimes landscape to mix it up a bit.

I know my fair share of memes and I have read Ctrl-Alt-Del in its early days, but I have never heard of this "most iconic imageries in internet meme history" - knowyourmeme.com/news/heres-to

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