Autowiring is the original sin of IoC / Dependency Injection.

Why did they call this new side channel attack hertzbleed and not Hertzbluten. Such a missed opportunity.

MarshaBlackburn now complains about the Democrats for *checks notes* engaging in public discourse.

Maybe the question is not whether SCOTUS will end Roe v Wade but whether Roe v Wade will end SCOTUS.

Why do some people love it so much to fight other people who ultimately have a common goal?

"We are doing enough to ensure Ukraine doesn't lose but not enough to allow them to win.[...] There is another chapter to the war, it is far from over.[...] This is not just about Ukraine, this is about European security."

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"You have to ask yourself what will it take for the west to really react.[...] Putin then will continue his objectives way beyond Ukraine." - Tobias Ellwood on Channel 4

Am I getting this right? Putin commits war crimes and Biden uses strong language and now people are mad at Biden? Are we using different standards for autocrats or am I taking crazy pills?

In 1961, Ulbricht proclaimed that East Germany is not planning to build a wall. Two months later, they built a wall. Now Lavrov said they are not planning to attack other countries and did not attach Ukraine in the first place. This playbook looks familiar.

DO NOT log your QSO or listening with Ukrainian stations neither in your logbook,, eqsl, lotw... nor on social network

Using the suffering of Ukrainians to spew pro nuclear power propaganda is despicable. Trying to draw a direct connection between Germany's nuclear exit to Russia invading Ukraine is misinformation.

@memo @plabberpapp bin ich ja gar nicht. Ich habe wie gesagt versucht für mein eigenes Haus rauszufinden, was besser ist. Leider konnte ich keine guten Daten finden können. Ich habe mich für eine Wärmepumpe entschieden aber es war für mich nicht klar der Gewinner in Sachen Umwelt. Ich fand die Datenlage frustrierend und hier wird es auch nicht besser.

How delusional do you have to be to think Bitcoin represents freedom?

And again the BBC Global News Podcast gives right wing radicals a platform without pushback while playing devils advocate when interviewing someone faced with these radicals. 🙄

Imagine the country that is number 4 world wide in weapons exports refuses to deliver weapons to a democratic country that is seeing troops being aggregated next to its border. Would you think that is hypocritical?

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