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block me right now if you don't support lily hoshikawa

its interesting to me how fortnite br has pretty much killed any chance of the game fortnite was going to be ever existing

this is said w/ love but:

being a dumbass is a prerequisite for being a lesbian, u literally cannot be a lesbian and think about anything logically

oh hey its an untagged gif of a penis classic .social

to those of you asking about berries, i’m not sure what happened but it had to go down for hazel to work on the website. she’d been working nonstop with migraines, and needed a break. good news, though! the site will be up by tonight, maybe within the hour! :D

someone just called mastodon mastodong in a post and i cannot tell if its a typo

healers arent bottoms theyre salty motherfuckers and they'll easily let you die if you piss them off, sorry. still a bunch of open pedophiles being allowed to exist with their heads on their body.

i just saw an instance called abdl.kink n im gonna commit a murder ill brb

i opened fediverse how long until i have to close it

Extremely hot take about music 

id love to rabbit the squeakwel but i have good movies to watch me n my gf are doing an annihilation/ex machina double feature w each other

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