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i cant block autoband bc then im not getting the full .social experience

no bad bot i already posted sasuke u need to stop posting or ill use remove kneecaps no jutsu

even if u cw the porn, having a full boob in your icon makes it untagged

oh hey there goes the untagged porn on local, classic .social

ive seen lke 2 eps of she ra but unless i find a future one where catra takes off her blue lives matter shirt i will ship adora w glimmer just to be contrarian

me leaving my room in the middle of the night for snacks

how long until a tumblr update forces you to by skyrim to use your block except you can just inspect element to undo it

magic? twitter CEO, Azealia Banks 

twitter jack looks like a shitty off brand pewdiepie

im only gonna be here till berries comes back online

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