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i found a list of the best metal album every year for the last 50 years done by loudwire dot com, i’m going to try to remember to listen to one every day and report back here :)

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why did drake have to ruin drake for me? i haven’t gotten into my sadboy fuckboy bag in sooo long :(

i know way too many people here right now that i didn’t know last year, who the fuck are y’all?

all i do lately is have toothache and listen to the band Death

discovered abra loves eating tuna so her new nickname is abracore (albacore is a type of tuna)

i was a real juggalo back in the day and they turned me and a lot of people off when they came out and said “this is all about [god]” but i’ve come back around on it as an adult

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ICP turning around and saying “the dark carnival represents whatever your idea of heaven is and we’re all about spirituality, love and acceptance” is the wildest irl face turn of all time

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shout out to all the juggalos and the carnival

i can’t wait to be able to rawdog oxygen again

i take it a step further and i’m a fan of physical media over streaming or digital. i lost a lot of media because my old itunes got hacked. and i think there was a few albums apple pulled off their servers that i owned at one point too. but for day to day listening with my wide music taste i use and love spotify. sorry if it’s immoral.

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i should cover my tracks here a little by saying i own over 8000 songs on apple/itunes and the latest album i bought came out like last week or something. still buy music and support where you can! especially independent artists! but fucking leave people alone for enjoying spotify wrapped? idk.

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and a lot of the time it’s like hey like don’t you advocate for pirating? and spotify sucks for not paying artists enough? ok

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sometimes i just wanna be a normie so bad so i can enjoy things like my spotify wrap up without people telling me left and right “no spotify bad!”

lots of people who pirate media talking about how spotify doesn’t pay artists fairly rn

well i finished my first episode of Impact! wrestling. i have no idea what is going on still they didn’t explain a lot but it was silly and campy and fun i guess. i’ll have to watch for a few weeks to see how it really is.

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this means nothing to anyone here but i started watching Impact! wrestling today

is it really a joke if you never get for real?

i love it when lastfm fucks up and just doesn’t scrobble half my day

i think about the fact that Bunny Ears Ariana Grande is in a Final Fantasy mobile game like way too often

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