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i just remembered i own a star somewhere, someone bought me a star once. what a scam.

the language people use. when i hear someone say their time during covid has been “relaxing” i think “oooh, you’re in a different tax bracket”

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has a wrestling match ever ended during a commercial break?

Marvels Agents Of Shield might be the best Marvel thing they put out imo like, it knows what it is and it executes it well. it was just easy and interesting evening tv show to watch imo? i stopped watching after a while but i just saw an ad and apparently it’s still going and they’re time travelling now? idk about that, but it made me kinda curious to catch up.

so after 9 months i decided to try not getting involved when my cats have “disagreements” and tbh? nothing has worked better. things escalated a few times but i think Kitt has established some boundaries and gained some trust now, and i’m noticing them relax around each other more.

imagine watching South Park in 2020, yikes

my bluetooth headphones like morph siri’s voice to it’s same “bluetooth connected” voice

it doesn’t always happen but when the function breaks out in the “what a fool beliiiiieeeves” falsetto? it’s hype, it gets hype.

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also What A Fool Believes by The Doobie Brothers is a sleeper hype white people song.

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there’s a lot of misconceptions about the most hype white people songs, but one that really really gets us is Cold As Ice by Foreigner, except nobody knows the lyrics beyond the opening 3 lines so we always kinda fizzle out of it

Never Too Much by Luther Vandross is an absolute banger

now that i’m home sobriety won’t last very long i’ve earned this

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