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every time i see “ancom” i think it means anti-communist and i swear i’ve blocked people over it before. i forget every couple months what it means lol oops. whoever coined that short hand did a bad job.

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can’t think of anything i need less than a podcast about The Office

when he started here he said redbull was “expensive and gross” and drank monster and some off brand energy drink, but after i brought redbull a few times now he often has it

this fuckin kid at work copies everything i do. i wear a fitness watch he started wearing a regular watch. i cover it so it can get my heart rate and steps for the day and he was talking about wanting to get a sweat band to cover his regular watch. why? so you can’t see it? it’s not getting your heart or steps. he even stole my healthy snack plate like, exactly. there’s a few other things too.

oh yeah, the conservatives are all scared of a coalition lmao. i was wondering why my dad talked politics with me he doesn’t usually.

nobody is talking at work tonight what the hell

my dad asked me if i was voting on saturday and gave me his conservative party pitch and i just couldn’t with him but i did say a big hell no lol, i don’t think he understands i really do listen to canadian politics news like daily. i think he’s pretty casual compared to me.

i don’t think i’ve seen a single lawn sign here that isn’t for the conservative party. my town is pretty dang small though and i thiiink we get lumped in with the nearby city so there is hope

heading over to go vote in the canadian election before work. it feels almost useless in my riding since it’s so heavily right of center here but i gotta do it.

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i have to ask for monday next week off work today and i’m super anxious about it for some reason? a bit of guilt for asking for so much time off lately i think.

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hulk hogan as the main character in an isekai manga. shit would be titled I Cant Believe That I Am This OP, Brother!

gonna watch an anime drama and probably cry

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