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got munchies gonna go home and cook chilli and watch godzilla vs gigan

they mixed dr pepper and grape crush slushies in the machine at my local store and i didn’t know i needed this

*Creep by Radiohead starts playing*
yes i love Coldplay

been trying to take a good selfie occasionally all afternoon and nnnope. not loving it.

kissed my cat to the beat of these gun shots in a rap song interlude

i feel bad!! time to get stoned and play video games!

now i have facebook because it helps living in a small town being more involved in the community and also living away from my friends in the city i can check in a little. i only have 100 friends on there though. and i know or know of like, everyone in my city.

i deleted facebook for like 5 years one time and tbh it was the greatest. ignorance really is bliss

i do know them and they all look so happy which is great, but i’m not.

one of my favorite pastimes is scrolling through the “people you may know” on facebook and getting sad

this was way before i’d ever been to a show like this and now i’ve been to dozens, including one just last weekend that my friends played lol

i had a Victory Records dvd with a bunch of music videos on it growing up and Wake The Dead by Comeback Kid was a huge one for me

we’re not here to suffer we’re here to help each other

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*i just remembered that i have a webcam* selfies, eye contact 

which came first the yaas bitch meme or the rihanna song where she sings it cus i sing it all the time and i need to know

coffee stunts your growth, adults drink it so we don’t grow all the way up to the sky

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