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if you try and zoom in on my tabs/bookmarks be my guest it’s literally all wrestling

i decided to make my bedroom a sleep sanctuary again so i took my 32” tv out and put it on my desk as a second laptop screen. this is sooooo overkill lmao i keep laughing at how absurd this is.

Justin Timberlake named his album The 2020 Experience. what did he know about last year?

i wanna grab a couple baseball gloves and a ball and fuckin play catch with someone that is all

i stayed sober all day long now i’m gonna smoke a joint in bed and watch my little anime

stove discourse 

i log on here for about 5 minutes a night and see shit like “stove discourse” lmao like ok, never change mastodon <3

i’m a fucking dweeb and love the gothic theatrics though, Dani Filths vocals are unmatched and he was so sexy young

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Cradle Of Filth is the best metal band and some days for me it isn’t even close

i am once again watching Nichijou from the beginning

my irl personal brand is “unapproachable but actually very nice”

i’m gonna miss “socially distanced, of course”

someone just pulled up beside me skating to work, rolled down their window and jokingly said “where do you get a fake beard like that?” then pretended to not believe me when i said it’s real lmao made my day

my coworker said “we have one busy night and everyone is miserable” so i replied “i take offense to that, im miserable every night not just when it’s busy!” and everyone laughed, which i think says a lot about me

i’m the Cloud Strife of baking with my giant rolling pin

what’s up with people who put a basket of flowers or something on the top of their toilet tank? nice poop flowers

im the guy who opens packs of underwear at walmart to eyeball if they’re the right size for my junk

i want to post i want to be heard but i don’t have much to say please fav

aa yeah i love this band *quickly tries to google something but gives up* Imagine 21 Dragons Chainsmoking

gym class heroes was the original 21 pilots

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