heading over to go vote in the canadian election before work. it feels almost useless in my riding since it’s so heavily right of center here but i gotta do it.


i don’t think i’ve seen a single lawn sign here that isn’t for the conservative party. my town is pretty dang small though and i thiiink we get lumped in with the nearby city so there is hope

my dad asked me if i was voting on saturday and gave me his conservative party pitch and i just couldn’t with him but i did say a big hell no lol, i don’t think he understands i really do listen to canadian politics news like daily. i think he’s pretty casual compared to me.

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oh yeah, the conservatives are all scared of a coalition lmao. i was wondering why my dad talked politics with me he doesn’t usually.

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@haveheart Isn’t it wonderful when fathers are casuals at politics-and conservatives of all things-but try to lecture you like they know best about politics? 😒😒😒

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