another example of small town semi-communism: there’s a guy who goes around to all the small towns around here, posts up for a while and sells big bags of potatoes for wayy cheaper than the stores.


even people who are starkly against communism / socialism or left wing stuff will band together and help each other out in a small community. it’s almost as if.. it’s human nature 🤔

cities are great big pillars of capitalism :) sure the people might be more tolerant in cities but they’re literally a poison on the earth

and often the “backwards” people in small rural areas city folk love to shit on are actually doing a communism and putting in real, sometimes unpaid work for their community. they just don’t know any better to call it what it is. i couldn’t tell you how many things in my town are volounteer ran. everything from street upkeep to the goddamn movie theatre

oh also newsflash, racists and homophobes live in cities too. maybe they’re a little quieter but i’m tired of people acting like cities are so much better than small towns but then complaining about how expensive and shitty cities are. move then.

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