i realized i have this shitty outdoor table that i stripped and was going to refurbish and that i could just use it for my record player, so i took it off one of the sidetables and moved them a bit and set up my record area better!!

i just spent way too much time editing this i hate it

also peak rues content here: look at this Babymetal parody album cover mimicking Van Halen’s Women And Children First album cover

i need to move so i can go to sleep but Abra fell asleep on my arm while i was reading i don’t want to wake her

light uhh not really gore but blood? funny album cover i just think is really good. 

cute cat eye contact 

spent my night meal prepping and watching/listening to Raptors basketball :) made stir fried carrots and potatoes with half a white onion, garlic, ginger, some green onion, chili powder, salt and soy sauce. green peas on the side for protein :) Abra helped.

Kitt is sleeping half on me i’m so comfy but i want to get up and make coffee

i was gonna post this with the caption “living dangerously, girl” but 5 minutes later she tried to walk around the back side of the tub and actually fell in lmao. only the back half of her hit the water it was really funny

sitting in on my friends jam while they work out new songs

eye contact selfie adjacent, in bed, cat picture 

ever since i got her this is one of Abra’s fav spots to sleep especially if i’m in bed

finally got my hands on a ps4. what do you guys think?

thinking about this light in my living room that, before i hung it up on the only hook on the ceiling, hung all the way down to the floor??? i had to bunch the chain up in such a way that the light hung evenly

i had a good cardio workout, got some shopping done, easy shift at work, got to leave 30 mins early. all around decent day. a long one though. look at those steps D: i’ve moved over 13km with my feet today. ive earned this veggie pizza

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