Kool and the Gang opened up for them cus David Lee Roth is a big fan, it was such a strange show tbh.

another weird thing when i saw (pretty much) the OG Van Halen play a reuinion show is when David Lee Roth played video of him training his dogs on the arena screens for a whole song. he seemed real proud of it it was kinda cute.

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@haveheart if you opened a parking lot for old VWs that would be a Van Haven

if you slept with the whole band that would be a Van Harem

has anyone here heard the song Stay Frosty by Van Halen? it’s newish considering their career. when i saw them live they played it with graphics on the screen i can only describe as the side of a slushie cup. lots of snowflakes and penguins wearing sunglasses and shit.

not without getting into some deep cuts at least

well mister Halen, maybe if you spent a little less time hot for teacher, and a little more time hot for homework..

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if they were a bigger band they would have to call themselves Bus Halen

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Van Halen is just boneless Guns N’ Roses

Van Halen is short for Vanguard Halen probably idk it’s hard to think of fresh Van Halen content

@uncletrunks probably never unless the vast majority of larger youtube content creators jump ship which they won’t because of financial reasons.

if streaming services really wanted to give us the time to digest all the media they’re shoving down our throats we could abolish capitalism and the hellish workforce we live in? just a suggestion...

@extinct good idea i’ll look around there later this week for sure!

@suzukipeach idk what that is?! i’ll look into it later this week when i get paid though!

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where’s a good place to shop for cute/cool winter accessories like gloves and hats online that isn’t amazon?

@checkervest i should clarify that’s the podcast i start with every day to get the heavy stuff out of the way. i never put my work in my phone at all and it knows the address and calls it work maybe cus i spend 8 hours a day there. turned that off when it started happening

@checkervest i keep most of my location things off but not all for some convenience but yeah it was doing similar things to me too for a while. when i leave for work it’s like “siri suggestion: listen to [canada politics] podcast?”

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