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this bar is very quiet and it’s weird. i’m just waiting for a pizza to go

there’s no higher personal praise for podcasts than when they hit the “listen to at home instead of work” level of enjoyment for you

DJ Instagram in the cut you know the vibes

we’re getting through it we’re smoking weed and listening to podcasts trying to ignore it


parents, drugs 

lyric posting 

one of my favorite things in the world is video game easter eggs

woke up at 10pm from a nap and i feel loonely. none of my friends are texting me back

i made plans next weekend that involve me taking monday off work and i’m kinda nervous to ask work cus i’ve booked like 6 days off in the last 2 months lol hell world sucks.

just woke up from a 4 hour nap and my dream left me so quickly. all i remember now is meeting Kawhi Leonard

you ever switch it up and use the card heart? it’s a little further back in the emojis ♥️

a part of me wants a conservative government so my dad can realize he’s middle class and they aren’t actually working for him at all, then he might pull his head out of Andrew Scheers ass.

i’ve been awake for 27 hours but i did a lot of stuff today and had some fun with friends. now i’m home and might just stay awake until an early bedtime otherwise i’ll probably fuck up my schedule

slow motion basketball replays on mute with FKA Twigs playing in the background

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