Strong earthquakes off the coast of Canada, no tsunami threat to Hawaii

Hawaii Volcanoes National Park will reopen Mauna Loa Road, trail and cabins Monday (Oct 8)

Volcano Watch: Tiltmeters measure tiny changes that can have big consequences

Volcano Watch: Will this summer’s limited collapse of Kīlauea caldera eventually widen?

Volcano Watch: Seismic array deployed to better understand magma transport during Kīlauea’s eruption

Tropical Storm Olivia moving slow towards Maui, the lingering storm could bring more rain than a faster moving system.

Tropical Storm Warning remains in effect as Olivia nears Hawaii, residents should be prepared

Tropical Storm Warning in effect as Olivia closes in on Hawaii, significant rainfall is forecast. Rain 10-15 inches with isolated areas seeing 20 inches of rainfall in the forecast.

State parks to close at 12 noon Tuesday (Sept 11) in East Hawaii as Olivia approaches

Olivia headed for Hawaii, a Tropical Storm Watch has been issued. Residents should prepare for Impacts which could include intense flooding rainfall, damaging winds, large and dangerous surf, and storm surge.

Wish you were there? Celebrating Queen Lili‘uokalani’s Birthday

Hurricane Olivia's forecast track aims for Hawaii. Olivia is still far from Hawaii.

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