Volcano Watch: Seismic array deployed to better understand magma transport during Kīlauea’s eruption hawaii247.com/?p=135415

Tropical Storm Olivia moving slow towards Maui, the lingering storm could bring more rain than a faster moving system. hawaii247.com/?p=135274

The Red Cross has opened a shelter at Waimea Community Center if needed. Spencer, Mahukona, Kapaa, Keokea, and Laupahoehoe Point Beach Parks are closed until further notice. hawaii247.com/?p=135274

County sets-up piles of sand on Hawaii Island so residents can make their own sandbags to prevent flooding. hawaii247.com/?p=135297

Tropical Storm Warning remains in effect as Olivia nears Hawaii, residents should be prepared hawaii247.com/?p=135274

Tropical Storm Warning in effect as Olivia closes in on Hawaii, significant rainfall is forecast. Rain 10-15 inches with isolated areas seeing 20 inches of rainfall in the forecast. hawaii247.com/?p=135211

State parks to close at 12 noon Tuesday (Sept 11) in East Hawaii as Olivia approaches hawaii247.com/?p=135245

Olivia headed for Hawaii, a Tropical Storm Watch has been issued. Residents should prepare for Impacts which could include intense flooding rainfall, damaging winds, large and dangerous surf, and storm surge. hawaii247.com/?p=135170

Hawaii Emergency Management Agency reminds Hawaii residents to be prepared for Olivia hawaii247.com/?p=135189

Wish you were there? Celebrating Queen Lili‘uokalani’s Birthday hawaii247.com/?p=135146

Hurricane Olivia's forecast track aims for Hawaii. Olivia is still far from Hawaii. hawaii247.com/?p=135052

Volcano Watch: Scientists share lessons from Kīlauea at “Cities on Volcanoes” conference hawaii247.com/?p=135017

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