I totally understand using Kickstarter (etc) for physical products but asking for 85 grand to build a platform to rate bloggers and brands gets some side eye

📺The Connors 

Also the whole bit about how the motorbike is so unsafe was irritating.

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📺The Connors 

Tonight’s episode was not an easy one to watch. Didn’t realise Dan is the same age as my dad is now as well.

One kid told me our house was really rich and that kinda makes me sad that he’s even thinking about that (I suspect the colour changing lights on the porch were the decision maker rather than the actual house style)

@paparatti Next time I go in the week I’ll let you know if you want to come with me!

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@paparatti I went to the British shop in Puyallup yesterday and got crisps! It doesn’t feel like a British themed place like the one in Redmond, it’s still $$$ (but I just assume that now), it’s a bit far to pop in, but they seem to import their own stuff and they make their own cakes (I had an Eccles cake which was excellent)

I never feel like I have enough to say here, but at least it’s much more private than IG or the bird place.

I tried these pop tarts for science and they were not as terrible as expected.

Searched for my city on here to see if people talk about it. All I get are in call ads, which is pretty unexpected.

Things that we never got to do very much before moving: cook dinner together! Making pizza is fun.


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