known video game appreciator appreciator, geoff keighley

i wish i could like video games as much as geoff keighley likes how much he likes video games

i dont WANT to try cloudwatch insights im TRYING to do something else right now please STOP taking up half my screen oh my GOD

status: using adblock to try to remove things from the aws console that WILL NOT GO AWAY NO MATTER HOW MUCH I TRY TO CLOSE THEM

anyway you know this email's fake because hard funs arent a thing i can do anymore

if youre gonna record high quality creepercam videos of me at least be polite and send me a copy, jeez

i cant believe someone's discovered that i enjoy Adult Content :(

damn....whoever sent me this email's really got me in a bind here

Comebacks, featuring,,, and

the colts just got a win by drawing a neutral zone infraction with a hard count at the 2 minute warning and that's amazing
IND 24 - 21 HOU

No Scorigami. That score has happened 148 times before, most recently on November 25, 2018.

oh wait that the washington racisms losing nevermind they can suck it

jfc ouch
Score Update:
NYG 40 - 0 WAS
05:38 3Q

This game has a 25.25% chance of ending in Scorigami.
Most likely Scorigami: 50-0 (2.37%)

End of Quarter:
IND 0 - 7 HOU
15:00 2Q

This game has a 2.11% chance of ending in Scorigami.
Most likely Scorigami: 36-23 (0.04%)

sorry what
Score Update:
IND 0 - 1 HOU
02:26 1Q

This game has a 13.56% chance of ending in Scorigami.
Most likely Scorigami: 20-11 (0.47%)

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