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@ericgeller@twitter.com my favorite has always been standing, aka "the human position in which the body is held in an upright position." i'm partial to the subsection on "falling":

welcome to college football saturday

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welcome to college football saturday

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welcome to college football saturday

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Riverdale Season 3 coming out as STRONGLY against the carceral industry... burn all prisons, smash the state. Comrade Archiekins has abandoned vigilantism and he shall guide us forth

everyone always asks "where we droppin boys" but no one ever asks "how we droppin boys" 😔

i need riverdale to do a Wicked musical episode because i NEED to see cheryl singing "Popular" to betty

riverdale has a carrie the musical cover soundtrack on vinyl

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cheryl blossom: let's play a game. the game's called. we all just say all our secrets out loud and insult each other

everyone else, for some reason: i don't like this but it sounds super normal. let's all do it.

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here's my impression of Riverdale:

archie andrews: golly. i just. don't know. how to start my musical career.

cheryl blossom, in floor-length ballgown: listen up loser. i'm sad and i'm going to kill you

jughead, in voiceover: and so, all roses, we learn... have thorns

password=pwd? well, /home/hayley but i dont see how that's useful
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Opsec protip: don’t tell the NSA how many unique passwords you’re using twitter.com/nsagov/status/1052

though I think this is beat by "oh my god how is that error still there I could've sworn I fixed it" for 10 minutes before realizing that you accidentally unchecked "clear on play"

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