i love playing but it's being competitive that stresses me out so much...i think if i could learn to not care so much about winning or losing i'd be calmer and have more fun

i don't know if competitive video games are all that healthy for me...i get so worked up that i often get headaches after playing for a little while

my favorite thing about the movie is that there's very little sports in it. or boxing. it's mostly quiet scenes of talking and character building.

i watched "rocky" today with friends....i haven't watched it since i was a kid so i had forgotten a lot of it (or at least a lot of it had been lost on me).

that movie is very very good! it's easy to see why it's a classic. having class consciousness helped me understand better why rocky's struggle is so momentous

i never really learned how to do self-care in any capacity so im an amateur at it still. i'm starting a bit late, but better late than never!

i fell very hard out of self-care for a while but i'd like to put more energy into listening to myself and caring for myself

this space is always nice to come back to. it's quiet and slow-paced, and interesting things are always happening

i'm hazel boosted
i'm hazel boosted

tomorrow's thanksgiving and i wish it would wait for me to not have depression

every time i reopen mastodon there's a nice new QoL change...wowie

after he concluded, i left the room, and woke up, feeling like i'd learned something important.

he proceeded to lecture me on how valuable my time was and how i needed to push myself to make the most of it instead of wallowing in misery. i could feel genuine concern but i never felt i had any room to speak. it was strictly one-sided.

in the "god" room, an old man in a white suit greeted me curtly. the room was a small administrator's office, with light cascading in through the windows behind him. i sat on the opposite side of his large wooden desk.

i stepped into the pool and floated gently on the surface. it felt like a mixture between a warm bath and a hug. a motherly sort of voice began to speak to me. she asked what sort of problems i'd been going through recently and offered compassionate advice. i felt like i could trust her completely. after talking for a while she told me that she'd always be there, any time i needed to talk again, and i thanked her and left.

inside the "death" room was a vast deep pool of an endlessly deep, murky dark fluid that was somewhere between water and jello. the room felt slightly warm, like a sauna, and was immediately comforting.

i walked down the hall and came to the first two doors directly across from one another. the door on the left said "God" and the one on the right said "Death". god's door was open and he seemed kind of busy so i figured "i'll just get death out of the way"

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