Many Unix-likes have an SA_RESTART flag you can pass to sigaction() to request the OS automatically restart any slow syscalls instead of failing with EINTR.

A Microsoft program manager in 2019 said: "It's time for @mozilla to get down from their philosophical ivory tower. The web is dominated by Chromium, if they really *cared* about the web they would be contributing instead of building a parallel universe that's used by less than 5%?"

In that sense MS should abandon Windows Server too.

So now, opening Developer Tools and peeking at the HTML code is "hacking":

> “The state is committed to bringing to justice anyone who hacked our systems or anyone who aided them to do so,” Parson continued. “A hacker is someone who gains unauthorized access to information or content. This individual did not have permission to do what they did. They had no authorization to convert or decode, so this was clearly a hack.”

We need to take that term back for the #hacker community.

@volpeon *sigh* yes :-( — we need stronger (and more independently financed) Firefox to make it harder for Google and Microsoft to totally dominate the web.

Even Chromium helps them, because it perpetuates their standards-peddling.

It could be worse: Webdev with Typescript and VSCode on Github is: Language by M$, Runtime (Edge/Chrome) under M$ control, Code Platform by M$, IDE by M$. Can’t get more walled garden.

Embrace is done, the extend phase phase is running.

Extinguish will start soon.

Web dev be like:

"I want to detect if a CSS variable has been changed"
"Sure, here's a very hacky solution with very specific requirements that are a pain to implement because there's no official way to do this"
"I want to detect if a user is sitting in a >3m² room, alone, and hasn't blinked in the last 2 seconds"
"You can use this 1-liner that utilizes the RoomSizeUserPresenceAndEyeBlink API Google pushed into standards to totally not improve their tracking of users"

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Thanks for the catchy summary! :)

RT I got rid of WhatsApp and got Delta Chat instead. It looks like a messenger, but it just uses your email. If other people don't have it, it will look like an email at their end.

10 Ways Delta Chat is Better than WhatsApp, Signal, and Telegram


i could not have imagined that an expired CA cert in /etc/ssl/certs makes chain verification fail, eventhough a valid CA was there for the same chain 😕

"The zeroth law of cybersecurity is: If you can imagine it happening, it is safest to assume that it is already happening." –
uoaei on

luckily it happened in the late night so all TTL expired until the traffic started taking off in the morning.

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don't drink and configure IP allocation for your primary NS simultaneously!

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