Our first premiere of album this Saturday in . since we are we will be performing via livestream.

The project we are presenting is called All Walls are Prisons (∀ || = #) and we are doing it together with AnarkoArtLab who will facilitate on site audience participation.

When: Dec 22, Saturday 8pm sharp
Where: Last Frontier NYC
520 Kingsland Ave
Brooklyn, New York

Tickets: eventbrite.com/e/non-gratas-di

∀ || = # 

All Walls Are Prisons

Artists BANNED From USA for speaking about humanity break down the wall of censorship through collaboration wtih NYC based AnarkoArtLab

HDYS is a music group formed by Nikky Schiller, Vlad Teichberg and Big Toxic to talk about the concepts of global human identity, morality and justice in the current world, and also as a vehicle to tell the artists story after they have been banned by travelling to USA by US govt, censored across social networks, and even targeted with open ended "investigations", detentions and harassment by US intelligence services for promoting the ideas of global human equality.   


The livestream perfomance in collaboration with AnarkoArtLab breaks through this wall of censorship, breaks through the borders that are being used to ban more than half of the humanity from US, and empowers HDYS to perform directly in front of a NYC audience they are BANNED from speak with. 

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The Perfomance itself is the first premiere of a new album called , a musical mediation on our common human identity and how it trumps identity defined by walls, prisons, borders, racism, nativism and nationalism and all the other isms.   

The perfomance of will be broadcast on one of the walls of the space in real time directly from Madrid, while AnarkoArtLab will be creating a virtual wall inside the space separating the audience into 2 separate groups just like our borders and walls do now...  The Audience will partipate in creation and ultumate destruction of this wall  together with the participating artists. 

The two perfomances are meant to interact with each other, to enhance each others message and content, and to make audience part of this experience of forced bans, censorship and separation, as well as to empower them that these walls can indeed be broken.

Anarkoartlab, active for the last 13 years is am international group and network of artists from different medias and backgrounds.   The group creates temporary creative spaces where, mutual artists collaboration and participation and integration of public directly into the process are used to unlock moments of collective creation. 

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