This year choose to embrace by staging its event in .
And has now transformed itself into a symbol of corporate hypocrisy

Tonight you the people can vote with your feet! , embrace . - a global event organized by artists woldwide that

Our video We The People will be participating in the program.

Today 9pm Israel Time:

Before twitter started purging us, we made a twitter account for ourselves to release the album. After twitter purged all of independent media accounts from occupy on Oct 11, we decided not to use twitter... it is at - The suspension notice that is.
Twitter tracked down our account that NEVER tweeted and banned it.

AmeriKa send this to your Leader$

On Dec 22 we were supposed to play live via livestream in - it did not happen. We sent the signal but it was not picked up... its a whole story we will tell later. but for now watch, this share this, for we are censored. Send it to your congressmen and senators. Show it to your friends.

We might be banned, censored and exiled from USA, but we still speak truth to power

Anarkoartlab, active for the last 13 years is am international group and network of artists from different medias and backgrounds.   The group creates temporary creative spaces where, mutual artists collaboration and participation and integration of public directly into the process are used to unlock moments of collective creation. 

Show thread

Our first premiere of album this Saturday in . since we are we will be performing via livestream.

The project we are presenting is called All Walls are Prisons (∀ || = #) and we are doing it together with AnarkoArtLab who will facilitate on site audience participation.

When: Dec 22, Saturday 8pm sharp
Where: Last Frontier NYC
520 Kingsland Ave
Brooklyn, New York


Last night, even though we are we were able to collaborate with in her performance art piece at Grace Exhibition Space. Adriana used We The People in her commentary about the gassing at the southern US border that happened a week ago.

We are grateful for people in US who are working with us to break down the walls of censorship and oppression.

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