i'm in a mentally awful place at the moment, i'm really, really struggling

i wrote it last week and then lost it when the cloud save broke on me and now i have to re-do it and i would rather do anything else

i wanted to get more of this dissertation proposal done but i cant even look at it without having an anxiety shutdown

i will, however, enjoy a refreshing glass of milk

got too much to do!!! am i going to do any of it? of course not

so i'm just on mastodon.social because that's where everyone went when this thing started: what's the deal with instances and do i need a new account?

I'm gonna head for a walk, gonna have a drink, gonna try to relax because I'm still in a very bad way today.

I downloaded an app so I can use this like abnormal social media service!!!!

i keep getting the ol' server errors whenever i do anything, but i'm gonna try to use Masto because twitter is: bad

i see that i picked the exact wrong time to make this very toot huh

i'm here on mastodon because i'm *weezer voice* tired of discourse

i think it is cool that masto has calmed down a lot and everyone went back to twitter, i hope that means that when there's an ios app ready there can be a legit launch with a push to sustain a switch

i FINALLY bought overwatch, so everyone add me on battlenet. i'm headfallsoff#2826!!!

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