heavily considering posting something like "i hate drama" to facebook and then turning two mob families against each other

@KitRedgrave ugh drama's the worst!

(heard this guy was talkin shit about you btw)

@healyn this is the opening to Lin-Manuel Miranda's adaptation of Romeo & Juliet

*hates drama*
*always seems to end up in high-drama situations*
*wonders if she's cursed*
*probably just starts drama without any self-awareness*

@healyn hi healyn, just letting you know that as the local linux user, i am forced to leave a horribly annoying and obnoxious reply to this post about privacy, using childish terms that rival the rants of richard stallman.

ackchyually when you use disgracebook, you are not a user, you are a used. every click of your filth-encrusted $5 wal-mart wired mouse will be beamed directly into the NSA, where it will be used to construct a DNA-exact replica of you for advertising purposes. by using faecesbook you have proven that you are a blind sheep, unknowingly marching towards your own slaughter. thankfully, i can be your shepard and show you the way

@healyn i'm just really annoyed about how whenever i say "you know, windows does this thing kinda well" i receive enraged, long-winded rants about how my organs are being photocopied by the TSA

@lynnesbian oh yea, ive seen some of those responses. looks like fun!

@healyn as the local linux user i despise fun unless it's open source, in which case i merely tolerate it

@lynnesbian @healyn Ohmaigawd. This is unironically me. 😭😂😂😂😭😭

@Skoll3 @healyn it's in the AUR but it was abandoned three years ago because nobody really used it

@lynnesbian @healyn
I feel dirty every time I accidentally click on a link to a Facebook page.

@healyn this is a great post healyn!!! think this might be a masterpice

@picklemaddierix Maddie, this honestly means so much coming from you

@larrydavis standing on the shoulders of a giant to make a toot

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