guys use a lot of bad euphemisms for sex, but i'd say among the worst is "stinky on my hangdown"

@healyn I was happy to have never known this until now. Now I cannot go on living happily. Lol

@gayhobbes it's obscure, but real! i wish i had the imagination to make this one up

@healyn *slaps the roof of my hangdown* this thing can hold so much stinky.

@healyn one time I called it "doing the nasty" and someone got all up in my business about how I clearly wasn't mature enough to handle sex

@healyn youve put me in the position of defending the indefensible healyn

@hanny @healyn "the indefensible healyn" is what i call him as well

@healyn still there is no need, healyn, no need at all

@hanny this was all buried in the past until the villainous Laser boosted it

@pig thank you, I'm clearly being scapegoated here

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