the people i follow on this site are some of the smartest, most literate people i've ever come across, and their most popular posts are like, "taint smell like a fam"

(i want to be clear that i consider this a good thing)

i boost this one whenever @garfiald says something like, "mixing my cum with spinal fluid to make a nice winter stew" or some shit

@healyn i boost this every time i see it because i love it like a disgusting, adorable nephew

@bryn i appreciate it because that's exactly what i was going for

@bryn you really do boost this every time. thanks Bryn

@healyn ooh that would be a nice winter stew wouldnt it

@healyn if this was good enough for the federation bot to boost, it’s good enough for me

@healyn don't worry I shall strive never to ever favorite or reply to a post containing the phase "taint smell like a fam"

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