*googles "fetishes"*: well would ya take a look at that! terrific

i know this is the best toot i've ever done because it received praise from Maddie and Laser, and Larry told me to delete it. The ultimate compliment

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@healyn *midwestern mom voice* oh my goodness, would ya look at that. Well, now, good for him, I hope that doesn’t hurt too much.

@healyn I have honestly laughed out loud every time I've seen this

@Pixley this is really so nice to hear, thank you Karen!

@healyn hmm I also praised it but I see how the caste system works

@Pixley i just havent interacted with you in a couple days. i deserve nothing but shame for the omission Karen. you are a true mastodon

@larrydavis @healyn I read it in the Fargo police lady's voice before before now but I'm imagining him saying "that is a complicated position"

@healyn YouTube mom crying about Vince Staples norf norf but it's fetishes

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