2019 just got a whole lot sexier

@Gargron now's the time to boost this one, right after the selfie gif. the ol' 1-2 combination

Hot and bothered Show more

Hot and bothered Show more

@JohnBrownJr im gonna be boosting this one a lot, get used to it

@remulacfrommars i've decided to pin it. it will have several thousand boosts by the end of the year

@wintgenstein there's no point in asking why. just gotta embrace it

@healyn every time I see this I read it in the voice from this song

Kavinsky - Pacific Coast Highway

@healyn whole month later, this one’s still the champ in my book

@remulacfrommars thanks. i'll be boosting this a couple times a month


I was heating up about the Gex remake too, TBQH

@PublicChaffinch @healyn this is still my favorite toot of 2019. It should have double the boosts

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