Eugen and I have an interesting dynamic. I playfully trash talk him from time to time, and he has me muted

@healyn i was hoping you'd say "well how did you see that post" and i could say "who said that" in a very witty way, but alas

@healyn eugen doesnt know i exist 😭 or he hates me. either one is bad IMO

@kelsey @healyn me and Eugen hang out all the time and talk trash about you guys sorry

@kelsey @healyn English. I like to gossip but I’m not gonna learn a second language to do it

@brogepi @healyn ok phew i was hoping it was english. because there’s no way german accents don’t sound INCREDIBLY DORKY LOL

@kelsey @healyn @kelsey @healyn Put him in the toilet and flushed him damn

@anthonydavis when you play the game of thrones, you win or you die

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