When I was a kid, Tonka launched a toyline called Rock Lords in an attempt to compete w/ Transformers. But instead of transforming into cool shit, they transformed into fucking rocks. The tagline was "Powerful living rocks!". I get angry just thinking about it


unsurprisingly, sales of these were not great

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@healyn pretty sure I have all five of these, and a few more that are out of frame, laughing too

@healyn I still loved them. Had the brown cube one there.

@healyn @peptostate I had the one on the left, except I think mine was gray. Got it at a kind of swap meet thing we did in kindergarten with play money. Later on I wondered if these were the inspiration for the part about the building transformer in Big (the timeline works)

@healyn Honestly... They fit into really satisfying shapes with pretty patterns on them. I totally see the appeal after looking at a picture. They should have called them "Gem Lords" or something instead πŸ™‚

@healyn If I wanna get really pretentious, they could have called them "Titans of the Earth" or something πŸ˜›

@healyn I had these! I had far left and second from the right!

My mum for them for me and told me that they were transformers that had learned to move from planet to planet as asteroids!

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