"pyramid scheme" is such an ugly phrase. let's call this investment opportunity a "pyramid *plan*". who's in?!

@healyn I wish we didn't have to get the pyramids involved

@gazelle you know what i always say Sea Gazelle? Wish in one hand, shit in the other, see which one fills up first. Do you wanna get in on the ground floor of this once in a lifetime opportunity or what?

@healyn yes healyn I do I'm here for you I'm your friend

@healyn can u tell me what your username actually means

@gazelle it's literally my middle name with an 'n' at the end to make it sound like "healing". i wish there were more to it

@gazelle of course! what made you decide on Sea Gazelle?

@healyn I have a friend with the last name Healy so I found it interesting that it was your middle name. The Leviathan is described in the talmud as being a "sea gazelle" because there was no word for Leviathan!

@gazelle pretty awesome reason to choose the username tbh

@healyn @gazelle Oh is that how we're supposed to choose our Mastodon names? Nobody told me. I guess I need to create a new account @levyn.

@gazelle @healyn

not all pyramids plans are bad!

after all a pyramid scheme was responsible for the creation of the great pyramid of memphis (TN) which houses bass pro shops

@mal @gazelle @healyn totally wish I was ballin out at that pyramidtop bar right now

Isn't the popular alternative phrase "Multilevel Marketing" nowadays? Because that's totally not a pyramid scheme, even if when drawn out it looks like one. /s

@ProperDave yea, "MLM" is literally how a company like Herbalife doesn't get shut down (that, and having a bunch of capital)

@healyn is the guy running it named ponzi? I'll only do it if my good friend, the investor Charles Ponzi is running it.

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