when you're my age, you have to wear cargo shorts and argue with little league baseball umpires, whether you have kids or not. i don't make the rules

@healyn "you know that kid was putting some mustard on the ball, i request, actually i demand that you check his glove."
"sir is the player at bat your child?"
"No, i just know a strong hitter when i see one and wont see his skills besmirched by a bush-league cheater."

@Tasnyx "you see that bullshit strike call?" i say to all the parents in the bleachers...they are worried about me

@healyn "walk? yeah real likely, you've been against Prescott this whole season and hes throwing nothing but heat, yeah he might be a little young and actively antagonistic towards me but he's got the stuff."

@healyn I don't see what my celibate status has to do with his awful fucking calls

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