little tip for new people here: "e3" refers to episode 3 of the second season of Golden Girls


so much violence, guess it makes sense why that ep became a cult classic.

@root Estelle Getty improvised that scene with the knives

@tasnyx is this a press conference you're all watching?

@healyn@mastodon.socia no its an expo for electronic entertainment

I did not tag you properly but i will be very cross if you do not respond, still

@healyn yes, imagine if a sports draft went on for a week straight and you watched it every year despite it being bad every time but for video games, that's e3

@tasnyx ah, got it. i also watch horse shit drafts, so this is relatable

@healyn yeah, i think the thing you would learn if you knew anything about it, is the downside of being a fan of sports and video games are both incredibly the same and why both are miserable 24/7

@tasnyx i get it...the things we turn to for escapism only make piss us off further

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