i was about to make a really hacky joke ("so is there a 'Mister Ogynist'?"), but i googled it first because i figured a bunch of people have done it, and this is the first link and i'm dying

the internet can be a rough place for us fellas. thankfully we have mister ogynist dot blogspot, a voice for men everywhere. a place of refuge

@healyn As a satanist and a feminist, I can clearly state that they're not the same.

@healyn I have no idea whether the author of this piece is pro- or anti-women but they do seem to be correct about satan's stance on the issue

@healyn got to give them props for specifying the location of the men they are giving a voice to, unlike that vague hack paul elam

"As some of you may very well know, this world is under the threat of a very dangerous political conspiracy which will cost all of us our very lives..." ...yoda is a grown up version of the baby from Dinosaurs.

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