if you wanna "soft boost" one of your awful past toots, a good way to do so is to boost some of the horrified replies to it, leading people to your original post and leaving you guilt-free!

@requrious nothing...yet. but i'm about to demonstrate how it's done, for @king

@king @requrious after months on this site, you pick up a few things

@healyn @requrious so do you save a link to every horrible post of yours from 6 months ago or can you find them that quickly?

@king the search function of masto brings up posts you've done or interacted with (searching for "hobbits shit" really narrows things down)

@healyn oh, that makes sense. I’m still gonna go on believing that you bookmark any one that people get upset about.

@healyn are people supposed to have guilt for self boosting?

@SanfordianPhil @radicalrobit exactly, just the bad ones, such as the one i just soft boosted

@healyn healyn go boost some of my awful past toots please I can't use the search function

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