when everyone else is passed out and can't help clean up

@healyn okay at some point you are gonna have to grow your hair out so that it looks like the way it almost looks like your hair is in your avi
it's very disconcerting otherwise

@taweret @healyn

literally every time he posts a selfie I do a double take

right @mal_ebooks ?

@taweret another one popped up after I took this cute witch and a bunch of small things like xp boosts, skins, build times, loot boxes, and etc

@taweret is that shows up in your boots and all but come on...

@healyn @mal okay but it really looks like that's your hair and i'm just saying you could avoid this whole issue by growing your real hair out several inches so it matches

@taweret @healyn @mal and dye it so that it's brown at the top and blonde at the bottom cos that's what I always see :P

im still not sure if it's you like lovingly laying against a mirror or what tbh
@taweret @mal

@healyn sorry this is your poo face and you're not persuading me otherwise

@healyn wowwwww. I'm on this wet ass coast and you didnt even invite me to your party. I thought we were friends. Smh. 💔💔

@healyn boyyyyyy,
I been posting about being in Florida since I got here...last Monday!

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